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How do I start flight training?

Here are the general steps :

1. Research flight training schools: You’ll want to research and compare different flight schools in your area. Find one that meets your needs, budget, and schedule.

2. Meet the prerequisites: Before starting flight training, you’ll need to meet some prerequisites. These include being at least 16 years old, passing a medical exam, and holding a student pilot certificate.

3. Schedule a discovery flight: Many flight schools offer discovery flights, which are introductory flights designed to give you a taste of what flight training is like. This is a great opportunity to meet with instructors and ask any questions you may have.

4. Sign up for flight training: Once you’ve found a flight school you’re interested in. This will typically involve enrolling in a training program, paying fees, and scheduling your flight lessons.

5. Attend ground school: In addition to flight lessons, you’ll also need to attend ground school, which covers the theory and knowledge necessary to become a safe and competent pilot.

6. Begin flight lessons: Your flight lessons will be conducted with a certified flight instructor (CFI) and will include both flight time and ground instruction.

7. Build flight hours and proficiency: As you progress through flight training, you’ll build flight hours and develop your flying skills. This will include solo flight time, cross-country flights, and more advanced training as you work toward obtaining your pilot certificate.

8. Take the FAA Knowledge Test and Checkride: After completing the required flight training and hours, you will need to do this to obtain your pilot certificate.

Overall, starting flight training involves finding a reputable flight school, meeting prerequisites, signing up for a training program, and building your skills and knowledge as a pilot.Good luck and safe flying!






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